LEAKED: Twitter’s Music App will integrate Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and Youtube

Today, I came across http://music.twitter.com. Naturally, I inspected the HTML source just to see if there were any :hidden gems. There were none, bar one curious line of code that caught my eye. The image for the ‘Sign In’ button linked to the /_login/ directory — and so my journey began.

background: url(/_login/btn-login-states.png) no-repeat 0 0;

When I visited /_login/ I was presented with a page that looks something like a 404.

Following my curiosity, I inspected the source of this new page. This time, the CSS document was a lot different. It contained the entirety of the App’s UI. A quick scan revealed a whole lot of words that implicate a very clear picture of what Twitter intends to do with this new Music product.

First, it’s an App, which I guess was obvious; but it seems there will be a mobile app and desktop app (web), as indicated in the page footer.

<!--a href="/download">Get the App</a-->

Users will be able to connect with Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and Youtube.

.iconmusic-spotify-connect-btn{background-position:-4431px -0px;height:32px;width:179px}

.iconmusic-player-source-rdio{background-position:-2801px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-itunes{background-position:-2751px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-soundcloud{background-position:- 2851px -0px;height:14px;width:92px}

.iconmusic-player-source-vevo{background-position:-2963px -0px;height:9px;width:53px}

.youtube-vid player{position:absolute;padding:10px;height:200px}

The music controller even looks like a CD. oooh!

Users –or should that be customers?– will be able to buy songs.

.iconmusic-player-btn-buy{background-position:-1167px -0px;height:49px;width:49px}

There will be explicit content.

Users will be able to follow other users, presumably this will be unrelated to their Twitter followers/following lists.

.iconmusic-profile-large-following-btn{background-position:-2046px -0px;height:36px;width:70px}

There will be charts and shows, whatever they are. Perhaps charts will work similar to trending topics.

.iconmusic-menu-charts{background-position:-142px -0px;height:28px;width:28px}

.iconmusic-menu-shows{background-position:-190px -0px;height:19px;width:29px}

Font is Proxima Nova, distinct from Twitter’s use of Helvetica.

html,body{font-family:ProximaNova-Bold,HelveticaNeue,'Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-weight:bold;font-size:14px;}

Users will be able to compose Tweets from the music app.

.iconmusic-compose-tweet-btn-bg{background-position:-3305px -0px;height:27px;width:65px}

Artists will have Biographies.


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Twitter have since replaced the CSS file with this file. They have also removed all unnecessary image assets.


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