50 Cent Explains Why Twitter is Changing

People are refreshing their feeds, but there are no new tweets to show. So, what does Twitter do? They bag up an imitation product, dye it blue, and call it New Twitter — but, perhaps there’s a side to this no one has considered.

Earlier this week, I questioned Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo about Twitter’s new feed algorithm. He explained that if a user pulls-to-refresh when there are no new tweets, Twitter takes this as an opportunity to inject new tweets into their timeline. Tweets favorited by people you follow are now sometimes promoted into your main feed.

In a response to Dick’s explanation I theorized that if Twitter were to remove the refresh interaction altogether they may solve their supply and demand problem. You should read that post, it seems to be very popular. I still believe in this idea, and I feel it would be a good experiment for Twitter to conduct.

However, after leaving my thoughts settle for a few days, I am reminded of an interview with 50 Cent, wherein he explains why he puts out so much content.

You know what allowed us to make a lot of money on the street? When we was selling dope, we put out samples. The samples work. I’m not giving the audience enough time to get high of something else.

Could this be what Twitter are doing, inadvertently or otherwise?


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